All bheka Products are now Available through Yoga Life Style
Click on the Frog to see the bheka Bolsters, Blankets, Mats, Blocks, Straps and much, much more.

bheka Yoga Supply was founded more than 20 years ago with the intent of
imbuing a sense of creativity, curiosity and a strong desire for self awareness
in every item we make. Choosing the ecologically vulnerable frog as our
mascot has kept environmental concerns an integral part of each product we
develop. Becoming a part of Yoga Life Style has made it possible to spread this
philosophy far and wide.
bheka started out in Ashland, Oregon and later moved to Cottonwood, Arizona a short drive
from the Red Rock country surrounding Sedona. On a break between negotiating the final deal
and packing up the bheka inventory and moving it back east to Highland, New York, former owner
Gary Damaskos and current owner Ray Greenberg posed for this picture before taking a hike in the Red Rocks.
This deal showed that Yoga business can be good business for everyone involved including the customers ;--)